Lake Living: Renovation Reality (Time Flies When You're Motivated)

Every night these days I am lying in bed laughing at myself and the almost melodic article you may have recently read about my love of and being spoiled on Lake Tuscaloosa by the silence. They say don't speak about things you treasure. You may lose them. (Yes, I used the "they say"). Today, that is about all I hear, sound inflicted by the "they's" – as we have moved off the lake and into the suburbs.

These days, we are dotted within a rental among the students (hey I am not knocking them, I have two college aged "kids").  I hear their music as they (sometimes) pause at the stop sign. Their booming, thumping rhythm that bleeds across my little lawn. Their brakes, their revving and roaring of engines that are best suited for airplanes. And, just this morning, a dangling trash dumpster that brought me to my feet. And then, as I was just about to doze off again, the train. 

Yes, my world is completely upside down as I live out of boxes and await the transformation going on in our new "in town" abode. I talked about the excitement of renovating just last month. This month, the blog is launched. I share the noise, the dust, the clamor of strangers roaming with spray guns and scrapers. Carpenters sawing and hammering. My husband, directing the lighting choices that are not on my spreadsheet or in my head. 

I searched high and low from Birmingham to Florida for lighting, flooring, and ideas, and am glad to say that all the great things are still right here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I can't wait to share the jewels we found (all locally) but more importantly, the people who made it all come together. 

By next month, we should be moved in. Yes, time flies when you are motivated! 

Have a blessed and safe summer on Lake Tuscaloosa. It is finally here!


Allison helps buyers and sellers across Tuscaloosa and on Lake Tuscaloosa at  Visit her journey at, as she and her husband renovate and hopefully live to write about it.  

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Allison Adams

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