Business Spotlight: Brad Fisher, DCH Health System

This week’s Druid City Living Business Spotlight is on DCH Health System Corporate Director of Marketing and Communication Brad Fisher. Our thanks to Mr. Fisher for taking the time to answer our questions, and for revealing some really interesting things about himself.

Thanks, Brad!


Name: Brad Fisher

Title: Corporate Director of Marketing/Communication

Company: DCH Health System

Current city of residence? Actually, unincorporated Tuscaloosa County.

Family? Debrah Fisher, wife; Three grown daughters: Joni, Cindy, Leslie 

What is your educational background? BA from the University of Alabama

Where did you grow up? Richmond, Virginia, until middle of high school and then Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

What was your first job? I stocked a Pier One that opened in Vestavia.

Why did you choose your profession? My seventh grade teacher told me I was a good writer, so I should be a reporter or go into advertising. I ended up doing both.

In 10 years you’ll be…? Dead or retired. Maybe working part time for UA and/or doing freelance.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office? Check and answer emails. Actually, I do that from my phone as soon as I wake up.

What’s a hot topic in your industry? Health care is changing. A lot. So the nature of these changes and how we should respond are the hot topics.

Number one item on your bucket list? Skydive. Just once.

What’s the first website you check in the morning? The New York Times. I get The Tuscaloosa News delivered the old fashioned way.

If you had to choose another career, what would it be? Stand-up comedy.

What’s your guiding business principle? Give your employer an honest day’s work.

What keeps you up at night? This is a great straight line, but I’ll let it pass. 

What’s your favorite local restaurant? Cypress Inn because of the view and the memories. I eat breakfast at City Café every Friday.

What’s your favorite local or professional sports team? I follow UA football, which means I go to a game or two a year and watch it on TV if it’s on. I don’t read the sports pages or listen to sports radio before or after the game. I’ll watch another SEC game if it’s on TV. I seldom watch pro sports.



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