PreK Pals’ Ponderings: What Do You Want to Learn to Do Better in the New Year?

14 Jan 2020 Alicia Jenne
PreK Pals’ Ponderings: What Do You Want to Learn to Do Better in the New Year? Alicia Jenne

As adults, we all know that the New Year brings lots of opportunities to think about a fresh start. 2020 offers a brand-new clean slate to reinvent yourself, to organize, to get healthy and fit, and to accomplish your goals.  

The desire to “do things better” isn’t limited to grownups. It turns out that the PreK Pals have some goals, too. I asked some sweet little girls what they wanted to learn to do better as they “grow up to be 5 years old.” I think you’ll find that no matter the age, everyone has something in which they long to improve. 

Mary Madison (4)  

“I want to learn how to stay still when I sleep. I want to close my eyes, be quiet, and stay in my own bed. I just don’t know how to do that yet because my brother hasn’t taught me. But I will know when I am 5!” 

Alex (4) (Left) 

“I want to learn how to play basketball with my sister in the backyard. I just need to practice!” 

Tori (4) (Right)  

“I want to learn how to roller skate! I want my sister to roller skate, too! Mommy says I can’t skate. She’s trying to keep me safe. 

The PreKPals are all about some rest and exercise for the new year. It seems there are no age limits to the things that are good for adults and little ones. We hope you have a restful healthy new year. Here’s to new beginnings! 

Alicia Jenne’ is a veteran teacher of little people. She is the PreK Pals Lead Teacher for PreK#1 at Rock Quarry Elementary School. 

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