PreK Pals Ponderings: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

17 Dec 2019 Alicia Jenne
PreK Pals Ponderings: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Christmas? Alicia Jenne

When your occupation keeps you in the magical land of the tiny humans, you start to look at everything through their eyes. The weather is turning colder. Snowflakes were spotted swirling in the air overhead not long ago, and the television commercials and store displays are filled with amazing new toys. Things are getting exciting.  

The PreK Pals know that Christmas is near, and we’ve already had many discussions about how it doesn’t snow in Alabama on Christmas – hardly ever. But thanks to every holiday movie and book ever written, they aren’t buying my scientific explanations… bless their little Southern hearts.  

Were blessed with three OSR PreK Units at Rock Quarry Elementary. I took a few minutes to interview some PreK Pals from each class. I asked them what their favorite things were about Christmas. Toys were big on everyone’s list, but if you read closely, you will see that spending time with family and making memories together is the very best gift of all.  

Emma K. (4)  

I love to get toys. My circle (ornament) is purple and it has stars all over it. I love to put it on my tree. It looks so pretty! I got it from the Christmas Tree box. It’s my very favorite. 

Sutton B. (5)  

I love the presents. My mom and all of my family are so special to me because they care about me. I get to help decorate my tree. I get to climb the ladder and put the ornaments on top. This time we have to buy a new star for up there… but I’m still climbing the ladder.  

William (4)  

Presents are my favorite thing! We decorate with lights. We put cookies and milk out for Santa. My grandmother, my mom, and my dad are special because they are my family and they love me. 

Tyler (5)  

Eating all the cookies is my favorite! They have icing and sprinkles. My Elf, Jack, comes to my house and he brought another Elf named Ethan. They brought candy. Did you know that Santa will not bring toys if you are bad, but he will if you are good? I am going to get toys. 

Millie (5)  

My sister and me come down the stairs on Christmas morning and we try to be quiet and not wake up mommy and daddy. We look to see if there are presents and then we wake up mommy and daddy. Santa puts our presents under the tree, and we know which ones are ours because he puts the first letter of our names on the boxes. Later on, we eat Christmas stuff and it is lots of fun. 

Sutton G. (4)  

My favorite thing is getting toys. My tree has those rainbow lights. I like to stay home and play. My daddy, momma, Bippi, and my brother are special because they are all old.  

JJ (4)  

My best present ever was a giant puzzle. I love Christmas trees! I like white lights. We put “garbaland” on my nails around my door. My daddy did that. It was very high. At night, Santa will see me when I am sleeping, but he won’t leave presents if I am awake.  

Emma S. (4)  

Santa is my very most favorite! He’s going to bring me a Rainbow Dash toy and a lip gloss set. He sees me when I sleep. I always write a letter to him and I see him at the mall. We go see my cousins at Christmas, we play all day, and it is my very favorite part. 

Sutton W. (4)  

I love Santa! One time, he gave me a big pony. We put up a Christmas tree with different colored lights. I have a stocking, and I hope that Santa brings me a new Calico Critter set. Christmas is so much fun! 

Alicia Jenne’ is a veteran teacher of little people. She is the PreK Pals Lead Teacher for PreK#1 at Rock Quarry Elementary School. 

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