Holiday Magic 2018: Musings About Christmas from the PreKPals Featured

18 Dec 2018 Alicia Jenne
Alicia Jenne’ is a veteran teacher of little people. She is the PreKPals Lead Teacher for PreK#1 at Rock Quarry Elementary. Alicia Jenne’ is a veteran teacher of little people. She is the PreKPals Lead Teacher for PreK#1 at Rock Quarry Elementary.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. – Norman Vincent Peale 

Stop a moment and think about everything in your memory that captures Holiday Magic. It might be a song, a scent, or a movie that makes your heart skip a beat and time stand still. I imagine you close your eyes in an effort to hold on to that special feeling that takes you back to your childhood, to a time when the magic was every bit as real as cookies and milk after school. 

As adults, we’ve had a long time to engrave those memories and to relive the magic over and over in our minds. Then one day, the torch gets passed, and suddenly, we are in charge of helping to make the magic real for the little ones in our lives. Honestly, sometimes adulting makes creating the magic a chore instead of a delight. 

We asked some little learners just what they know about how the magic happens, and what it all means. They’ve only been around for about 48 months, with just 4-5 Christmas seasons under their belts... but they are experts on Holiday Magic, and they delight in all of it! They find their magic in the ordinary, in the smallest of details, in the glitter, in the mystery and the wonder of it all. 

This holiday season, slow down, sit with your little ones for a while, soak in the sounds and the sights of the season. See the magic through their eyes. It just might take the chore of adulting and turn it into the privilege of being the keeper of the Holiday Magic. All you need to do is let a little one share their magic with you and your own magic will be restored. Then you can share with everyone around you. It doesn’t matter what holidays you celebrate – everyone needs a little glitter and magic in their lives. How will you share yours?

Mary Abner (4): When it is Christmas Santa gives us presents. He knows where everyone's house is.
He sees us and he's watching us. His snowboard flies because his 'deers make it work. They are magic!                                      
Sally (4): Reindeer only fly at night because Santa does not deliver presents during the morning.
The reindeer have magic. Santa has magic too. He gets it all from the North Pole.
Genies have magic, too… but they live somewhere else.
Jung Woo (5): Santa and the reindeer fly in the sky. They find all of the children's houses.
Santa gives us presents under the Christmas tree!
Brady (4 ½): Santa rides on a sleigh with reindeer. He flies in the sky. Regular reindeer don't fly... 
just Santa's reindeer! The magic comes from their tummies!
Isaiah (4): Christmas is for presents. Santa flies with the reindeer. He gets his magic from the
magic star and that makes the reindeer magic, so they can fly. Santa gives us presents!
Lynley (5): Rudolph flies because he is magic. He gets his magic at the North Pole.
We have to be asleep or else we get on the naughty list.
Emily (5): Santa and the reindeer fly with special powers. The special power is in their collars
The collars have magic sprinkles that make them work!
Anabel (5): Santa comes down the chimney. He squeezes through and he stacks up presents 
by the tree. The reindeer fly Santa around. They get their special flying magic from special
 grass that Santa grows by his house.
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