It’s Back-to-School Time: Teachers Offer Tips to Make This the Best School Year Yet Featured

07 Aug 2018 Faith Henley
Teacher Sheila Hallman with two of her past students during a field day. Teacher Sheila Hallman with two of her past students during a field day. Sheila Hallman

For parents, teachers, and students alike, August is a hectic month full of big changes and new beginnings. Each group has stresses of their own as they ready themselves for the start of the new school year. No matter which group you belong to, put down your supply shopping lists, lesson plans, or class assignments, because some of Tuscaloosa’s best teachers (DCL’s past Teachers of the Month) have contributed their sage advice for taking on the back-to-school season. 

“Spend the last few weeks as a family,” said Sheila Hallman, a third-grade teacher at American Christian Academy. “Try to clear time each day to put away those electronics, slow down, and remember how much fun it is to just play the old-fashioned way. Send your kids back to school feeling less stressed, confident, happy, loved, and ready to have a wonderful year!” 

Going back to school can be filled with equal amounts of excitement and worry. By taking time to relax and enjoy the fun moments, like picking out a fresh, clean notebook, or enjoying a night with no homework to do (or grade), life gets much sweeter. However, many teachers stress that the key to a less stressful August is preparation. 

“First of all, I think that it is important to start getting kids up earlier a few weeks before school starts,” said Beth Duncan of Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School. “Start having them go to bed at a normal time and then get up each morning. This eases them back into a routine, and it is much easier for them to get up and function when school starts.”

Duncan also stressed the importance of being prepared for school. And while shopping for school supplies is certainly part of being ready for school, there is more to it.

“If your school has an open house, make every effort possible to go, and take your child,” she said. “The child and parents will feel better and more at ease once they have met the teacher and seen the classroom. Take the new supplies, so that the child will be prepared for the first day of school.”

They say the early bird gets the worm, but the parent who starts their back-to-school routine early gets the most pleasant first week of school.

And Andi Jones, a second-grade teacher at Lake View Elementary, wants to remind parents to encourage their little dreamers as they head back to their classrooms.

“Dreams are often too big, so we can grow into them.”

Parents: Enjoy another year of watching your kids grow into an incredibly bright future. 

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