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Paul W. Bryant High School Holds Water Drive for Flint, Michigan - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Paul W. Bryant High School Holds Water Drive for Flint, Michigan

21 Feb 2017

Students at Paul W. Bryant High School are inviting the public to help them supply the residents of Flint, Michigan with clean drinking water.

The school will hold a water and water filter drive every other Saturday beginning in February. Their goal is to collect 1,000 cases of water, water filters, and replacement filters before April 15.

Eddie Walker, a math teacher at Bryant High, began a similar drive last year at Ramsay High School in Birmingham, where they collected 600 cases of water for Flint residents.

“As I began to learn about the situation in Michigan, I was immediately compelled to initiate something at our school that would help the people there,” Walker said. “I don’t want our students to forget about what is happening in Flint.”

Bryant students are asking the community to help with the donations. Bottled water, water filters, and water filter replacements can all be dropped off at the school during normal school hours.

All donated items will be delivered to Flint in late April.

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