Welcome to summer! We've skipped spring and entered directly into humidity heaven. Let the sweat commence!

I typically use this space of beautiful, contextual prose to try and enlighten lives in our community, or to make fun of myself, as a reminder that we are all humorously flawed individuals. 

But not today. Today, you get a mild rant… fueled by ongoing frustration. And I bet you can guess what it concerns before you proceed. 

The City of Tuscaloosa will host the USA Triathlon’s Collegiate Club and High School National Championships on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 around the city. Top collegiate triathletes from across the country will be traveling to Tuscaloosa to compete in the race.

Due to this event, certain roads and areas will be closed.

Traffic control on Jack Warner Parkway will shift Monday, Jan. 23 to the segment from 21st Avenue to Queen City Avenue. This project is expected to take a while, so area drivers, take note.

The 21st Avenue intersection traffic signal will be taken out of service, the north leg of 21st avenue will be closed and a temporary three-way stop will be in place for about two weeks.

City officials want to let everyone in town know that there are some prominent road closures happening – so plan accordingly.

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 30, construction activities will begin on Jack Warner Parkway from Marr’s Spring Road to Queen City Avenue. This project is expected to take a while, so area drivers, take note.

At the moment, there are a slew of new road projects going on in and around Tuscaloosa, and one in particular will affect a lot of residents NOTR in coming days and possibly weeks, as crews work on a new road connecting New Watermelon Road to Rock Quarry Drive.

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