We are expecting snow on Tuesday – and our area is under a Winter Weather Advisory from the National Weather Service until early Wednesday morning. An arctic cold front is making its way into Alabama on Tuesday – and the possibility of light to moderate snow, combined with freezing or sub-freezing temperatures, could cause major issues on area roadways Tuesday into Wednesday.

We've collected some of the best photos, videos and Memes across Facebook from the Alabama snow, just so you don't have to take the effort.

It never fails: You give me even the slightest *hint* that we *may* get some snow, even a dusting, and my craving for strawberry Pop-Tarts goes straight through the roof. I know many carb load with bread and milk, and sure, I’m down with that – but I’m that crazy person at your neighborhood store who took all the strawberry Pop-Tarts. That’s why you can’t find them. They. Are. All. At. My. House.

When it comes to eating healthy, I try. I try really hard. I make sure my diet is filled with fresh fruits and veggies, I don’t eat too much red meat, etc. My dinner plates are all filled with color and goodness.

But snow? ALL BETS ARE OFF if we might get snow. And we might get snow, according to the National Weather Service (the forecast is morphing a bit, but at the moment we’re talking “less than a half inch” which qualifies as ACTUAL SNOW). Nobody's getting snowed in, this does not qualify as an actual snow storm. But y'all know. The run on bread and milk is real and happening and we just lose our marbles a bit at the hint of the white stuff.

With all of this in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to consult an expert to intervene now. It’s food for thought, for sure, and I thought all of us might benefit from a voice of reason. As it happens, Sheena Gregg, Druid City Living’s Taste of Tuscaloosa columnist, is also a registered rock star dietitian, serving as the assistant director of Health, Promotion and Wellness at the University of Alabama Student Health Center.

And she is a true voice of reason.

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