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As a kindergarten mother, I am so happy to see my Little back in school. Summer was great, there was a good bit of rest to be had, and, boy, was it had, but… I’ve gained back a huge sense of mommy purpose.

Most babies have a natural need to suck, and find it calming.  This type of sucking is called "non-nutritive sucking" because the baby is not being fed.  Giving a baby a pacifier can satisfy a baby’s need to suck.  If parents choose to give their baby a pacifier, here are some tips for using it safely.

Being a parent is a wonderful gift, but sometimes that gift can be overwhelming.  Below are 10 parenting tips for parents with children of all ages to help guide you along the way when times seem hard or if you just need a little help in certain areas.  

As parents, we learn about the benefits of regular doctor visits, immunizations, physical activity, and proper nutrition. We understand the need for stimulating toys and activities to promote brain development. However, we may overlook the importance of nurturing our children’s emotional development.

As a child, I loved the movie Heavy Weights. And even though I was slim from competitive swimming (the movie is about kids at a “fat camp”), I absolutely wanted to go. Cabin living, swimming in an icky, green-colored lake, and staying awake all night with friends, sneaking sweets we’ve hidden away from the establishment? Yes, please! 

Whining can be like nails on a chalkboard. Here’s why whining happens—and how you can help. 

We have five weeks in August. Don’t panic. Break it down!

Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful thing, but it can be confusing, especially if it's your first time around.  A tool that seems to be helpful for new moms is pregnancy apps on your phone.  They are not just helpful during pregnancy, but if you find the right one, it will help you track your fertility before pregnancy and keep track of baby's milestones once they're born. 

During a recent Campus Life club meeting on a Wednesday morning, we had a great conversation about how things are often not what they seem. As I have wrestled with what we talked about that day with a room full of middle schoolers, it dawned on me that the information shared in that time is perfect for a much broader audience. So, here is my recollection of what we talked about that day. 

Whether you are pregnant mother looking for a Pediatrician or a parent considering another Pediatrician for your child, here are a few questions to ask a doctor before you choose him/her as your child’s Pediatrician.  Go through and see which matter most to you (after all, you'll only have around 15 minutes or so to meet with the doctor). Insider tip: Start with the most important things first.

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