Current COVID-19 restrictions have taken away a lifeline from many children. They’re not going to summer programs. They’re not seeing counselors. And they aren’t interacting as often with friends and neighbors – all of whom might be able to offer help. 

Every day, the staff and DCH uses thousands of masks. Commercially made masks for front line providers are in high demand across the globe as their protective properties are known and tested. The community-sewn masks have become an essential part in DCH’s strategy to conserve the commercially made masks for direct patient care. Yet, DCH’s supply of commercially made masks has continued to dwindle. 

It’s a June for the record books, a summer we’ll never forget. 

I, for one, have really taken an appreciation to the notion of "home." 

“I’m sorry son, I just don’t have time to do that right now.” How many times have we uttered some form of this phrase to a family member? Now insert the quarantine. Many of us are flooded with more home hours than we ever thought possible. I find myself asking, “Now what? How do I begin this trend of quality time? Why does this feel so unnatural? Who are these kids? Who am I? What store is running a great deal on tablets?”  

All these questions have raced through my mind at some point since March 16. Maybe you’ve experienced them as well.  

The “power of silly” can bring families closer. Here are three good reasons to giggle together.  

If you believe you may qualify for unemployment benefits under the $2 trillion CARES Act, file now. That's the word from the Alabama Department of Labor, which is encouraging employees to go ahead and file - even as it awaits clarification from the federal government on how those claims will be processed.

ADOL says employees will also need to certify weekly to continue to let the department know that they remain unemployed.

The Small Business Relief Fund has awarded over $60,000 in funds to 18 local businesses in the first round of funding on March 31. The fund, a partnership between the Chamber and the Community Foundation of West Alabama, also expects to make additional disbursements later this week.

Several area grocery stores in the Tuscaloosa area are offering special hours and opportunities for seniors and those at risk to shop in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hope is that these “Senior Hours” will help those most at-risk avoid busier and more crowded shopping periods. Many are also closing early to allow workers to sanitize, clean, and restock store shelves.  according to owner Jay Welborn.

“I am so proud of our employees and the effort they have sustained for several days,” said Jay Welborn, owner of the Piggly Wiggly stores in Tuscaloosa and Northport. 

Hours of operation at many of these stores were still changing. The best advice on when they open/close will be to call the store directly or check the store’s website/social media accounts.

A center at the University of Alabama is helping to transform the lives of people dealing with addiction. 

“Our primary focus is for individuals  who are exploring  their relationship with substances, generally speaking it’s for alcohol and drug counseling, but we’re most concerned about helping people explore what the impact of substance use has been on their life and help them make decisions on how they want to move forward,” said Gerard Love, Executive Director of Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services, or CRIS. 

It’s March. All the color is motivating me to get out of my winter funk. 

In the darkness of winter, many of us have been focusing on where were going with goals and intentions. Some of us have probably already lost or tossed a few of our goals and are feeling the need for something motivating. 

Stop. Just stop the madness for a bit. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we all just get lost for a few days?  

Because sometimes, getting lost leads to getting found. 

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