Alabama Armchair Critic: VOD and DVD for July Means Trolls, Gangsters, and Slices of Life

01 Jul 2020 Jerry Roberts

The time of the quarantine is at an end – we hope. At the time of this writing, theaters haven’t opened yet, but movies are still a constant (thank goodness). So, here’s July’s offerings.

Trolls: World Tour seemed to be the only major release of note during the quarantine, but now it’s on DVD and quite honestly, it’s better than the first. Poppy and Branch discover that they are not the only Troll tribe in the world, in fact there are six tribes of Trolls around the world, each dedicated to different music: Rock, Pop, Classical, Techno, Country and Funk. Release: July 7 

Sorry We Missed You is a wonderful British drama about a couple who have been struggling since the 2008 recession and get an opportunity to bounce back when they get a chance to run their own business. Their journey back is seen through the strength of the family unit and how love plays a part in their good fortune. Release: July 7 
Capone is a hard-bitten portrait of the world’s most famous mob boss. Tom Hardy plays the title role which finds Capone at the end of his life suffering dementia and haunted by his violent life. Release: July 21 
Marriage Story was Netflix’s bid for an Oscar this year, a mature and often heartbreaking look at a married couple (Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannsson) whose intension to have an amicable separation comes unspooled over custody of their son. Release: July 21 
End of Sentence is a beautiful slice of life about a man who is recently widowed and travels to a remote part of Ireland with their son to scatter his late wife’s ashes. Along the way, father and son discover a bond that they never had before. Release: July 28 

Jerry Roberts is an Alabama movie critic and movie fan who believes in Birth-Movies-Death. He is the historian for,, and he has a blog at 

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