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Jerry Roberts is an Alabama movie critic and movie fan who believes in Birth-Movies-Death. He is the historian for,, and he has a blog at Jerry Roberts is an Alabama movie critic and movie fan who believes in Birth-Movies-Death. He is the historian for,, and he has a blog at

Summer is gone, and the fall movie season is upon us. Normally a dead month for movies, September 2019 nevertheless provides many bright spots. Let’s look at some of them. 

It: Chapter Two is a very tricky and smart set-up, depending on your familiarity with Stephen King’s cavernous 1,138-page book. The book moved back and forth in time between the Losers as kids and then as adults. The writers of the movie have wisely moved away from that frustrating narrative and divided the story into two halves. Chapter One, released two years ago, dealt with The Losers as children. In Chapter Two, it deals with the haunted lives that they are now living as adults. The Losers are still psychologically scarred by all the damaging bric-a-brac of their day-to-day lives and a demonic clown that won’t stay dead.  Opens Sept. 6 (Rated R) 
The Goldfinch is an adaptation of a ridiculously popular 2013 novel by Donna Tartt about Theo Decker (Ansel Elgort) who, at 13, lost his mother in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tragedy alters the course of his life, prompting a journey of guilt, renewal, and self-reevaluation. The immediate trajectory for him: a painting of a goldfinch. What does it mean?  Why does he need it? What will it mean if he gets it?  Opens Sept. 13 (Rated R) 
Downton Abbey is, oh yes, a film version of the popular series that traces the fortunes and failings of the Crawley Family, English aristocrats in the early years of the 20th century. The new film version follows them from 1927 to 1929 and is particularly concerned with a visit from King George V and Queen Mary.  Opens Sept. 20 (Rated PG) 
Rambo: Last Blood is the latest attempt by Sylvester Stallone to retcon the high points of his career. After succeeding beautifully with Creed and Creed II, he now returns to his other hit series, once again playing psychologically scarred John Rambo as he seeks a sense of dimension and self-respect. This time around, he helps an old friend by travelling to Mexico to find his daughter who has been kidnapped by a drug cartel.  Opens Sept. 20 (Rated R) 
Abominable is proof that September need not be all killer clowns, art thieves, lace doilies, and wounded vets. Here’s something for the kids. This one is a sweet story that begins when a young teenager named Yi finds a Yeti on the roof of her apartment building. Yi and her friends decided to help the wayward creature find his way back home.  Opens Sept. 27 (Rated PG) 

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