Tuscaloosa’s One Place Celebrates 20 Years, Launches “Families Helping Families” Campaign

Tuscaloosa’s One Place, A Family Resource Center (TOP) has launched the public phase of a $1 million capital campaign in conjunction with their 20th Anniversary celebration. The “Families Helping Families” campaign will support the purchase and renovation of the new building.  Families Helping Families is driven by two local families, Dave and Jenny Pass and Chris and Allison Gunter. 

“We are so excited to work as a family in support of TOP,” said Chris Gunter, Families Helping Families Co-Chair.  “As a campaign co-chair and board member, I’ve seen the impact TOP has been able to make in our community.  The success of this campaign will do so much to support their excellent work and growth for years to come.”

The new home for TOP enables the agency to serve families in a dignified space that feels like home.  Prior to moving downtown, TOP operated out of three rental homes and three former FEMA trailers to provide services.  Under one roof, TOP will operate more efficiently and can provide seamless service delivery while continuing to grow to meet the demand of critical family needs.

“Tuscaloosa’s One Place has helped thousands of our families throughout Tuscaloosa over the past 20 years,” said Dave Pass, Families Helping Families Co-Chair.  “It’s hard to convince someone to change his or her life when the environment in which they are being served is not reflective of the success that the individual is capable of achieving.  A new home will finally enable Tuscaloosa’s One Place to provide its award-winning, effective programs in a facility that reflects the excellence of those programs.”

Having already secured more than half of their goal, Families Helping Families is structured so that there are diverse and meaningful giving and naming opportunities.  

“The Families Helping Families committee has done a tremendous amount of work to create a successful campaign,” said TOP Executive Director Amanda Lightsey. “To have already reached the halfway point is a testament to the generosity and dedication of the committee and community.”

To view the informational packet, or to donate, please visit tuscaloosaoneplace.org. 

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