Lake Living: Are you Hibernating? Try to Be Productive Anyway

07 Mar 2019 Allison Adams

So far this year, it feels like we’ve all been in hibernation longer than usual. March, however, often comes in like a lion – and it’s a month full of huge breakthroughs (some explosive and some peaceful).   

In March of 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. 

Inventors got creative in March. The cotton gin was unveiled by Eli Whitney in March of 1794. Nathaniel Briggs patented the washing machine in March of 1797 (though it was rudimentary, it sure morphed into an appliance that makes all our lives much easier). The board game Monopoly hit store shelves in March of 1933, and in March of 1950, Silly Putty was born!

Alexander Graham Bell probably spent quite a few cold months tinkering with the telephone, because on March 10, 1876, he made the first call to his assistant in the next room.

Unrest occurred in March, with both the Boston Massacre in March of 1770 and the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam in March of 1968. 

Weather in March made history. In March of 1848, ice jams stopped the flow of Niagara Falls. March of 1888 brought The Great Blizzard, which dumped up to 55 inches of snow in some areas of the country. And in March of 1964, a devastating Good Friday earthquake (8.3) struck in Anchorage, Alaska. 

The U.S. Constitution went into effect in March of 1789. The 15th Amendment of the Constitution, which gave black men the right to vote, was formally adopted on a March day in 1870. And in March of 1868, the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson began, with the Senate serving as the jury. 

Oh, and the Girl Scouts were founded in March of 1912.

All of this has me thinking: why hibernate? What charitable or civic group could you start or participate in? What organization could use your wisdom? What animals might you rescue? 

Intellectually, sometimes we need a break – a little time to incubate, to notice things around us. We don’t all see ways to recreate objects or make things easier, especially when we are just going through the day to day. 

So, what are you doing this incubation period? What great ideas do you have scribbled in a notebook or floating around in the back of your mind? What do you need to share?

If you haven’t planned to, why don’t you take some time in honor of “spring break,” even for just a day, to discover what new ways you can see your world? We all have ideas we can share. Come in like a lion yourself!  

And while you are doing that, you can thank the person who came up with the idea to give us extra daylight as spring comes about on March 10. Yep, Daylight Savings Time (or, as it was known then, the Standard Time Act), was signed into law in March of 1918. 



Allison Adams is a Realtor, artist, and writer. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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