Summer Movies: Five Great Films to Enjoy Featured

11 Jul 2018 Jerry Roberts

Three cheers for summertime – it’s the perfect opportunity to kick back with some cold beverages and heaps of popcorn to enjoy some classic summer films. These are a few of my favorites…

Jaws (1975) 
It is obvious that you might want to spend your Fourth of July with Independence Day, but who could forget the other great summer blockbuster that takes place on America’s birthday? It’s the shark-tastic adventure that gave birth to the summer movie season (and to the career of Mr. Steven Spielberg). [Rated PG] 
Adventureland (2009) 
Sometimes, the best movies for the summer are movies about summer. And that’s what Adventureland offers. In this sweet story from Greg Mottola, director of Superbad, James (Jesse Eisenberg) takes a job at a decrepit amusement park called “Adventureland” to earn money for college. There, he falls for his coworker, Jenny (Kristen Stewart). This is a lovely little film for the grown-ups. Don’t miss it. [Rated R] 
The Sandlot (1993) 
There are a lot of movies about baseball – but here’s fun movie about a baseball. It’s the summer of 1962, and young Scotty Smalls is new in town when he’s taken under the wing of some neighborhood boys. Their adventure begins when they try to retrieve a baseball, allegedly signed by Babe Ruth, that gets knocked over a fence and into the yard of a neighbor with a dog so feared that it’s known only as “The Beast.” [Rated G] 
Summer of ’42 (1971) 
When you’re finished with the action pictures, here’s a romance film you can’t resist – but it’s just for the grown-ups. During the summer of 1942, Hermie is untouched by the war taking place overseas. Lonely, he meets the much older Dorothy (she’s 29!) who has just learned that her husband has been killed. What blossoms between Hermie and Dorothy is not only understated but complicated in a very real way. [Rated PG] 
The Parent Trap (1961) 
What’s a summer without a Disney picture? After Incredibles 2, enjoy this blast from the past classic featuring Haley Mills as twin sisters who conspire to reunite their parent’s marriage. If your kids haven’t seen this hilarious original film, they should. [Rated G] 

Jerry Roberts is a movie critic and movie fan who believes in Birth-Movies-Death. He is the historian for,, and he has a blog at  

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