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Q: Hi. I’ve been struggling a lot lately. I know I should see a therapist, but I’m so embarrassed. It just feels like I’m…weak somehow? I’ve even booked appointments with counselors, but I always cancel. Help!

Dear Struggling...

Your thoughts and feelings about getting counseling are common. I did a little research on social media before answering your question. I posted a couple questions related to negative thoughts about counseling and what would need to happen for people to be comfortable enough to get counseling. I received very few responses. It appeared to be taboo for most to even share why it is uncomfortable to seek counseling. Some reasons given were specific – from not liking how the counselor was dressed to a lack of empathy for their client's situation. Other responses were similar to yours, with the most common responses being that others might think something is wrong with them or even being seen as “crazy” if they were in counseling.

Counseling is very personal and often-times addresses topics difficult to discuss in any setting, with anyone. Many people do not know how to start the discussion about their need for counseling. Yet avoiding counseling can cause more problems. Counseling is simply how you get help to manage difficulties in your life that your closest friends and family are not able to help you resolve.  

Like going to the doctor to get help with physical struggles, counselors help resolve mental and emotional struggles. Would you feel weak if you needed medical care for a physical illness? Mental and emotional health are just as vital and just as important to address as physical needs. In-fact, research shows that when mental and emotional needs are neglected, physical health declines. Physical, mental, and spiritual health are all intertwined. If one area of your life suffers, the others will suffer too.  

Family Counseling Service professionals accept a variety of insurances. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on your income. We try every avenue possible to meet your specific needs. We do so confidentially and in a caring manner. Come see us, we can help!

Love and Peace,


April L. Stevens, LICSW, PIP, is a licensed clinical social worker and counselor with Family Counseling Service in Tuscaloosa.
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