Boats and Brakes: Upcoming Class Seeks to Educate Area Boaters

09 May 2018 Pat Feighery

Wait a Minute! Boats do not have brakes.

We all know that boating, whether fishing, hunting or just cruising is a popular activity; however, there are some things to be considered before launching or leaving the dock to help assure your safety and that of your passengers.

One of the things to be thinking about is that your boat, unlike your car, has no brakes, you can’t slow it down by applying pressure on a pedal and you surely can’t bring it to a quick stop if needed.

Your boat can weigh well over 1,000 pounds. Having “no brakes” means if you goof, you may be the cause of a hull banging and paint scraping experience, not mention what can happen to what you’ve hit.

Remember, reversing your engine is the only braking mechanism that you have for your boat. And knowing how your boat handles when you bring it off plane to slow down or into reverse when you try to stop it is important to avoiding a mishap.

Exceeding the posted speed limit on a body of water or going faster than the common sense or conditions allow can be a recipe for disaster.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary urges everyone to travel at safe speeds when boating and to learn more about boating safety the USCGAUX recommends that you take a Boating Safety Class.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 8 5, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is conducting a boating safety class, ABOUT BOATING SAFELY, on May 12 at the Tuscaloosa County Annex Auditorium, 2501 7th St., in Tuscaloosa.

For more information, or to register for the class, contact Mr. Lyn Spencer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone (205) 394-7808. Successful completion of this class fulfills the requirements to obtain an Alabama boating license and may entitle you to a discount on your boat owner’s insurance.

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