Humane Society’s Pet of the Week: Hello, Dolly!

Humane Society’s Pet of the Week: Hello, Dolly! Humane Society of West Alabama

Meet Miss Dolly, a 4-5-year-old female beagle mix. Dolly is this week’s Humane Society of West Alabama Pet of the Week!

Dolly has a smooth white coat with red and black markings. She is a little shorter and a bit longer than most beagles, so either terrier or dachshund may be mixed in with the beagle. She is small and was very underweight when the HSWA first took her on, but she is gaining weight and is up to 16 pounds. Her ideal weight will be 18-20 pounds. 

Dolly is in a foster home with several other dogs, and her foster mom said that she likes to play with her canine companions. She’s great on a leash and loves her walks. When her foster family is home, she just wants to be nearby. While she’s crate trained, the foster said she asks to go outside to do her business, but still needs to be monitored inside the house. Her foster thinks she is absolutely delightful and will make a great pet!

Dolly does well with other dogs and should be fine around children ages 8 and older. Since she is a beagle mix, she may not do well in an apartment setting since they can be vocal. Dolly will require a fenced-in yard since she is a scent hound and will take off if she catches a whiff of something interesting! But she is not to be an outside-only dog, and she wants to be with her person. Dolly is up-to-date on her vet care, is spayed, is heartworm negative, and is microchipped. She is on heartworm and flea/tick prevention.  

Meet Dolly, Pet of the Week

Such a sweetheart of a dog, come meet this good dog and find out in person how loving she can be!

Please call 205-554-0011 or visit to request an appointment to meet the Humane Society of West Alabama’s available animals.

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