Humane Society’s Pet of the Week: Meet Joe

Humane Society’s Pet of the Week: Meet Joe Humane Society of West Alabama

Tall, dark, and handsome – that describes Joe, a 3-year-old male Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix. Joe is this week’s Humane Society of West Alabama Pet of the Week, and he has quite a story.

Joe has a thick black coat with white markings. He is a good-sized dog, weighing about 50 pounds. Joe was pulled from our local animal shelter, where he had been surrendered by his owner, because he could not afford to keep him. Poor Joe had been down there for 3 months and no one had adopted him. We then adopted Joe out, and he was in a good home with another dog for about 8 months – but he needs to be rehomed. Here is what his owners have to say about Joe:

“Joe is the sweetest dog, and one of the most loving dogs. He loves to cuddle and loves to be inside. In fact, he loves to be inside so much it takes him a while to warm up to walking outside without a leash, even in a fenced yard. He also loves walking on the leash, car rides, and playing with any type of small ball, antlers, and ropes. He is crate trained and is great when on a schedule. But Joe is still having some trouble with going outside to use the restroom. He is not very loud, and only barks when playing or when he senses something isn't right. We have trained him to walk to the back door and sit/stand by the door to go out. The issue lies with him actually going outside. He will do this to indicate he needs to go but once the door is opened, he backs away and we have to guide him out. Not guiding him outside and just closing the door has resulted in him going potty in our home. Joe is stubborn. He does NOT like to be grabbed by the collar or manhandled around the neck area. He does not like to be pushed or grabbed if he doesn’t want to do something. Due to this characteristic, he has nipped people as warnings (none broke the skin). It is obvious this poor animal has been abused and traumatized and now needs a very loving, dedicated home.”

Joe does get along with other dogs, but he is the dominant dog and would not do well with another dominant dog. The Humane Society thinks he would do better in a home without children. Joe will need a strong, dog savvy owner who can take the time to work with him on his stubborn behavior and be the alpha member of their pack. But he is well worth the effort!! He will require a fenced-in yard and is too big for an apartment.

Joe is up to date on his vet care, neutered, heartworm negative and is microchipped. He is on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. We know that perfect home is out there for Joe, please help us find that for him! Please call 205-554-0011 or visit to request an appointment to meet our available animals.

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