Faces of Kentuck: Meet the Artists Featured

“We are the visionaries and the missionaries. We show people the way. People got some beautiful stuff to look at other than just looking at the TV.” - Mary Proctor “We are the visionaries and the missionaries. We show people the way. People got some beautiful stuff to look at other than just looking at the TV.” - Mary Proctor Kentuck Art Center

Getting to know the artists is one of the charms of the Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Well, that and sitting under the pine trees, listening to music, surrounded by beautiful art while enjoying great food. For the artists, it is not only a chance to meet with collectors and share their art, but also a time to enjoy spending time with old friends and basking in the special charisma of the annual art festival. This year's festival takes place this weekend, Oct. 21-22, at Kentuck Park in Northport.

One of the few events in the art world that focuses on untrained artists, Kentuck has attracted collectors from all over the U.S. – and even Europe. The artists here are not simply untrained artists, but natural artists, whose talent is recognized by the art world. Add in the demonstrations, the music, the lovely setting, the community, and the food … and it makes for a world class art experience – one that is not to be missed.

Meet Mary Proctor – Folk Artist of the Year

Mary Proctor came to art through tragedy. After she lost her grandmother and mother in a house fire, she felt called by God to express herself through folk art. Using found materials, doors, wood, and paint, “Missionary Mary” glorifies God, expresses her hope, and challenges those who view it to connect to their own creation. Her work hangs in the Smithsonian and the Met. She has had commissions from big companies like Coca-Cola. 

Mary Proctor is one of the many talented artists taking part in this year's Kentuck Festival of the Arts.

Like many artists, Proctor has struggled to make a living with her art, even with all the acclaim that she has had in the art world. Her home recently developed a mold problem, and she has had to move. 

Meet Miz Thang

Georgia-based “Miz Thang” is a Kentuck regular. She has been to every show since the late-1980s, and only missed one (because her mother was sick). Her art is woman-centric. She has dabbled in other themes, like circus freaks, but her work always circles back to strong women. She is what some would call “a hoot.” Kentuck is one of Miz Thang’s all-time favorite shows.   

“People come up to me that see me and say, ‘So glad to see you again this year.’ Not just volunteers or artists, but also people in the community.”

“One year, my birthday fell on the Thursday before the show. When I came, the volunteers brought me cupcakes and cookies. I have been going so long, it is like a homecoming.”

Meet Steve Davis

Steve Davis has been with Kentuck for almost 30 years. His metal working studio is at Kentuck, where visitors can watch him create. When we spoke to Steve, he spent most of his time detailing all the work that is done by so many people to make this show happen. He discussed everything from improved drainage to the Art in Schools program. Davis has passion and respect for the art – and for the festival itself. 

“The trees and the colors and the smells create an ambiance that is unsurpassed. Plus, the variety of artists – the contemporary artists, the fine artists, the folk artists, and the demonstrators ... it is one of the best shows I have ever seen.”

Davis is one of the demonstrators with the Alabama Forge Council – one of 20 different demonstrations happening during this year’s Kentuck Festival of the Arts.    

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts recently announced this years' exhibitors. They are:


Alabama Blues Project K4K MUSIC Northport AL
Alabama Forge Council ON MAP METAL Baileyton AL
ali, ellie I-08 TWO-DIMENSIONAL New York City NY
Ambler, Kent C-11 PRINTMAKING Greenville SC
Andrew, Thomas B-17/B-19 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Birmingham AL
Anthony, Butch C-08 MIXED MEDIA Seale AL
Armstrong, Chris K-07 FIBER Nashville TN
Armstrong, William B-13 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Richmond VA
Armulowicz, Ted H-18 WOOD Liberty Hill TX
Asuit, Jake E-27 METAL Cleveland GA
Austin, Megan H-03 JEWELRY Canton GA
Austin, Sally A-16 FIBER Carrollton GA


Bachman, Rick F-17 WOOD Aurora CO
Baker, Marian C-28 MIXED MEDIA Oneonta AL
Banfield, C.W. G-04/G-06 PHOTOGRAPHY Howell MI
Banks, Michael I-01 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Guntersville AL
Bathelot, Alain F-02 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Miami Beach FL
Beck, Chris E-04 METAL Dalton GA
Beck, Constance F-27 FIBER Adamsville TN
Beck, Kate C-02 FIBER New Orleans LA
Bennett, Kendra B-25 MIXED MEDIA Daphne AL
Bennett, Veronica C-12 MIXED MEDIA Meadows of Dan VA
Berroa, Felix K-08 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Marietta GA
Berry, Ned B-05 CLAY Cataula GA
Bibb, Sloane I-02 MIXED MEDIA Decatur AL
Bice, Anita I-03 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Moody AL
Bigelow, David E-35 PRINTMAKING Ozark MO
Black Warrior Review B-06 LITERARY ARTS Tuscaloosa AL
Blackerby, Melanie B-11 MIXED MEDIA Mobile AL
Bladen, Ed I-04 WOOD Madison IN
Booker T. Washington Magnet School D-17/D-19 PHOTOGRAPHY Montgomery AL
Brazile, Sharon G-13 MIXED MEDIA Birmingham AL
Brennan, Kathy G-11 JEWELRY Elberta AL
Brown, Stephanie H-24 JEWELRY St. Louis MO
Brown’s Pottery A-23 CLAY Hamilton AL
Buckner, Suzan and Chuck E-41 MIXED MEDIA Woodville AL
Bungo, Shawn E-14 GLASS Knoxville TN
Bush, Clay E-11 FIBER Nashville TN
Byron, Jan C-03 MIXED MEDIA Dallas TX


Cail, Cindy F-09/F-11 METAL West Blocton AL
Caisse, Kim E-22 MIXED MEDIA Hannibal MO
Caldwell, Ben E-45 METAL Nashville TN
Carol Moore, Brittany B-04 PHOTOGRAPHY Hoover AL
Carter, Sidney A-30 MIXED MEDIA Powder Springs GA
Causey, Teri F-05/F-07 PRINTMAKING Ft. Myers FL
Cearlock, Rhonda A-27 CLAY Vandalia IL
Charney, Jack H-04 CLAY Santa Fe NM
Clayton, Susan A-26 SCULPTURE Tallapoosa GA
Clements, Tom E-36 PHOTOGRAPHY Thompsons Station TN
Cohan, Sara D-10 JEWELRY Nashville TN
Colburn, William H-01 METAL Birmingham AL
Cole, Devan F-19 GLASS Americus GA
Cole, Michael Paul E-39 PHOTOGRAPHY Hannibal MO
Cole-Footitt, Candiss E-19 FIBER Sedona AZ
Collins, Sam E-10 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Birmingham AL
Cooper, Robin Anne G-09 MIXED MEDIA Walhalla SC
Crimson Clay K-11 CLAY Tuscaloosa AL
Crossroads Arts Alliance Printers B-18 PRINTMAKING Gordo AL
Crowder, Kimberly G-12 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Savannah GA


Daniel, John Paul C-21 MIXED MEDIA Kingston Springs TN
Davis, Brenda E-24 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Prattville AL
DiGiorgio, Donna C-14 MIXED MEDIA Hoover AL
Dismukes, Sara G-10 MIXED MEDIA Brundidge AL
Disney, Theresa D-12/D-14 MIXED MEDIA St. Louis MO
Duffy, Sandy E-29 FIBER Georgetown IN


Eaves, Nancy B-16 JEWELRY Metairie LA
Edenfield, Kay C-23 MIXED MEDIA Brunswick GA
Eugene, Rosa B-26 CLAY Cowpens SC
Ezell, Sam G-19 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Hillsborough NC


Farley, Debra J-07 JEWELRY PELHAM AL
Fielder, Helene J-02 CLAY Booneville MS
Fincannon, Karen A-15 CLAY Tucker GA
Fleming, Kate Rothra C-04 JEWELRY Charleston SC
Floyd, James H-23 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Pensacola FL
Ford, Renee E-44 JEWELRY Franklin TN
Frerichs, Susan C-25 JEWELRY Richmond VA
Frye, Charlie A-08 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Lenoir NC
Fulks, Douglas D-20 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Lees Summit MO


Gates, Irene F-28 MIXED MEDIA Douglas MI
Gee, Frank G-20 MIXED MEDIA Gallatin TN
Gibson, Terry A-09 NATURAL MATERIALS/ BASKETS Farmington AR
Gladden, Nicole C-19 MIXED MEDIA Oxford MS
Goldhagen, David K-10 GLASS Hayesville NC
Goolsby, Catherine B-03 JEWELRY Scottdale GA
Grace, Alexa B-21 METAL Riverdale NY
Gran, Jerry E-34 JEWELRY Indianapolis IN
Green Pea Press K-04 PRINTMAKING Huntsville AL
Gregg, Micah B-24 METAL Huntsville AL
Gruber, Sydney G-18 MIXED MEDIA Tuscaloosa AL


Hake, Allison F-21 JEWELRY St. Louis MO
Haliburton, Jackie H-10 MIXED MEDIA Katy TX
Hamilton, Larry E-08 GLASS Winterville GA
Hammock, David F-23 METAL Arab AL
Harrell, Cassey A-03 JEWELRY Huntsville AL
Harris, Cracker B-27 MIXED MEDIA Birmingham AL
Havet, Jean E-40 JEWELRY San Francisco CA
Henry, Tom E-46 WOOD Philadelphia MS
Hepp, Heather B-31 GLASS Tuscaloosa AL
Hii, Lou I-06 MIXED MEDIA Indianapolis IN
Hill, Bethanne A-11 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Birmingham AL
Hitchings, Dion E-15 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Milford NJ
Holehouse, Jim H-22 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Winter Garden FL
Holland, Jeanie K-05 MIXED MEDIA Chattanooga TN
House, Butch B-15 METAL Calera AL
Hubbard, Alonzo A-04 MIXED MEDIA Roanoke VA
Hubbard, Chris E-01 MIXED MEDIA Farmington GA
Hyde, Kristi I-05 JEWELRY Atlanta GA
Hymel, Jerry A-10 GLASS Hammond LA


Ingel, Hanan H-05 JEWELRY Berkeley CA
Ivens, Roger "Ab" A-01 MIXED MEDIA Sanford FL


Jacobus, Richard C-16 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Douglasville GA
Jacquin, Mary A-29 MIXED MEDIA Peoria IL
James, Gordon B-32 JEWELRY McHenry IL
Jensen, Suzanne G-03 CLAY Montgomery AL
Jimenez, Nicario A-02 MIXED MEDIA Naples FL
Johnson, Bessie F-26 NATURAL MATERIALS/BASKETS West Point MS
Johnson, Gregory D-13/D-15 CLAY Gainesville GA
Juneau, Pat D-03 METAL Scott LA
Juneau, Suzanne D-01 JEWELRY Scott LA


Kellersberger, Scot E-09 SCULPTURE Salvisa KY
Kelly, Ginger H-14 GLASS Breaux Bridge LA
Kennedy, Kerry B-30 CLAY Tuscaloosa AL
Kentuck Red Dog Potters H-11/H-12 CLAY Northport AL
Kinney, Steve D-09 PHOTOGRAPHY Birmingham AL
Knill, Joachim H-16 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Hannibal MO
Krause, Ronetta E-13 JEWELRY Walnutport PA
Krause, Sierra H-02 FIBER Allentown PA


Lane, Lorrie G-21 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Tuscaloosa AL
Laney, Lee G-17 MIXED MEDIA Franklin GA
Langford, Ellen E-38 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Jackson MS
Lansburg, Amy J-01 MIXED MEDIA Valdosta GA
Latimer, Madison K-01 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Donalds SC
Ledvina, Joy I-09 FIBER Vestavia Hills AL
Lee, Vic G-07 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Encinitas CA
Legge, Eric E-02 MIXED MEDIA Dillard GA
Lemonier, Rodney C-05 CLAY Rogersville MO
Lester, Cameron E-07 JEWELRY Athens GA
Libecap, Karen C-20 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Hoover AL
Little, Greg A-14 WOOD Prairieville LA
Livingston, Daniel D-04 CLAY Tuscaloosa AL
Liz, Lane F-18 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Homewood AL
Long, Rik D-16 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Andalusia AL
Loose, Peter B-22 MIXED MEDIA Hull GA
Lowery, Rebecca E-48 CLAY Bloomington IN
Luttrell, Margaret B-01 MIXED MEDIA Knoxville TN


Mabry, Beverly F-10 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Pelham AL
MacGavin, William G-08 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Tuscaloosa AL
McCall, Andrew & Etta D-02 NATURAL MATERIALS/BASKETS Letohatchee AL
McCarthy, Chris H-25 GLASS St. Louis MO
McCollum, Richard A-28 WOOD Bryn Athyn PA
McDevitt, mark I-12 PRINTMAKING Sharpsburg GA
McGuire, Molly F-08 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Folsom LA
McMillin, Craig F-24 CLAY Folsom LA
McQueen, Scott E-28 MIXED MEDIA Northport AL
McWhorter, Don A-06 CLAY Carrollton GA
Miley, Brett K-12 PHOTOGRAPHY Surfside Beach SC
Miller, Yvonne C-27 MIXED MEDIA Snellville GA
Miller’s Pottery E-43 CLAY Brent AL
Milton, Jonathan C-06 SCULPTURE Decatur GA
Minnery, Phyllis & Jerry C-10 JEWELRY Louisville KY
Mohr, Jeff E-25 METAL Crawfordville FL
Mohrenweiser, Mark H-09 MIXED MEDIA Brighton MI
Moore, Janice & Rick G-14/G-16 GLASS Bryan OH
Moore, Lucy A-07 FIBER Anniston AL
Morgan, Jayne E-18 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Hoover AL
Morgan, Stacy E-33 CLAY Hazel Green AL
Mueller, Robbie F-16 MIXED MEDIA La Grange KY
Mullen, Chase K-02 MIXED MEDIA Galvez LA


Norris, Lisa A-13 MIXED MEDIA Chattanooga TN


Ollendieck, Gena C-26 MIXED MEDIA Cresco IA
Olszyk, Kelly D-06 MIXED MEDIA Eufaula AL
Omura, Miriam D-05 FIBER Birmingham AL


Packard, Lawrence B-02 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Winter Haven FL
Palo, Amber Anne C-24 CLAY Sevierville TN
Parks, Barbara A-12 JEWELRY Clinton MS
Parsley, Jason E-03 CLAY Cincinnati OH
Paternoster, Jose C-15 JEWELRY West Palm Beach FL
Paul, Hofrenning G-05 CLAY Edina MN
Peebles, Leslie D-07 PRINTMAKING Gainesville FL
Perry, Jodi A-17 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Polvadera NM
Peters, Donna D-18 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Crane Hill AL
Phillips, Cindy F-13 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Cullman AL
Piel-Braunschweiger, Jorn & Kathleen K-03 WOOD Carlton GA
Pinckney, Charles I-07 JEWELRY Athens GA
Poer, Roger & Renae B-09 JEWELRY Sylvan Springs AL
Pollack, Andrew E-06 GLASS New Orleans LA
Pritchard, Steve D-11 WOOD Winston GA
Proctor, Mary L. A-20 MIXED MEDIA Tallahassee FL


Randolph, Lydia B-14 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Mentone AL
Reed, T.R. K-06 SCULPTURE Chattanooga TN
Richards, William H-08 MIXED MEDIA Underwood WA
Riches, Craig E-42 METAL Silverhill AL
Riffe, Debra E-32 PRINTMAKING Birmingham AL
Robert, Hale C-22 NATURAL MATERIALS/BASKETS Robertsdale AL
Robinson, Guadalupe H-15 CLAY Huntsville AL
Robinson, Ruth C-17 MIXED MEDIA Grand Bay AL
Robinson, Tomika F-22 MIXED MEDIA Grand Bay AL
Robison, Michael G-15 CLAY Knoxville TN
Roderick, Craig J-05 PHOTOGRAPHY Jasper AL
Rollings-Martin, A. Denise E-26 JEWELRY Bremen AL


Saggus, Frank F-03 MIXED MEDIA Watkinsville GA
Sall, Fatou E-47 FIBER Capitol Heights MD
Samuels, Joshua E-20 JEWELRY Memphis TN
Schulte, Joan I-13 PHOTOGRAPHY Louisville KY
Scott, Alice F-14 JEWELRY Asheville NC
Scott, Sarah E-21 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Auburn AL
Seeman, Chris G-02 METAL Cincinnati OH
Sellberg, John B-08 CLAY Nashville TN
Shaffer, Cher J-04 MIXED MEDIA Creston NC
Shaffer, Robert I-11 MIXED MEDIA New Orleans LA
Shanas, Bonnie A-31 SCULPTURE Cherry Hill NJ
Shedrick, Deborah H-06 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Montgomery AL
Shepard, Petty B-07 NATURAL MATERIALS/BASKETS Kingsport TN
Sims, John G-01 MIXED MEDIA Birmingham AL
Skowronek, Craig H-21 WOOD Hoover AL
Sloss Metal Arts ON MAP METAL Birmingham AL
Smith, Steve A-22 JEWELRY Cropwell AL
Smith, Virginia (Inka) B-10 JEWELRY Cantonment FL
Smith, Woody A-05 WOOD Crystal Lake IL
Sperry, John B-23 MIXED MEDIA Maysville GA
St. Romain, Theresa C-07 JEWELRY Tucker GA
Staley, Joanne E-49 JEWELRY Montgomery AL
Stivers, Andy F-04/F-06 METAL Hapeville GA
Stoddard, Jason A-25 JEWELRY Guntersville AL
Stoddart, Jason C-01 PHOTOGRAPHY Cookeville TN
Strand, Dale B-28 GLASS Memphis TN
Sutherland, Vinnie A-18 METAL Newaygo MI


Taylor, George I-10 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Montgomery AL
Taylor, Terrell F-25 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Meridian MS
Terlizzese, Steve H-17 MIXED MEDIA Vero Beach FL
Tesser, Sharon C-32 FIBER Louisville KY
TeviaClark, Lisa E-12 CLAY Brasstown NC
Thang, Miz A-24 MIXED MEDIA Hawkinsville GA
Thibodeaux, Carol F-20 MIXED MEDIA Baton Rouge LA
Thompson, Dennis C-18 CLAY Branson MO
Threalkill, James E-17 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Nashville TN
Tilley, John B-20 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Northport AL
Tortorella, Jill A-19 CLAY Antioch IL
Turner, Bill F-15 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Newnan GA
Tuscaloosa Symphony Guild K4K Musical Petting Zoo Tuscaloosa AL


UA Book Arts Program B-12 BOOK ARTS Tuscaloosa AL


Venghaus, Mike F-01 JEWELRY Niceville FL
Vest, Diana H-07 MIXED MEDIA Birmingham AL
Vitello, Jeri C-09 FIBER Bremen IN
Vowell, Justin E-23 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Tupelo MS


Walton, Jon C-30 PHOTOGRAPHY Middleton WI
Weaver, Jim B-33 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Florence AL
Weaving Alabama E-16 FIBER Northport AL
Webber, Stephen J-03 MIXED MEDIA Decatur GA
Weber, Timothy F-12 CLAY Nashville TN
Wells, Della K-09 MIXED MEDIA Milwaukee WI
Wells, Yvonne CC-SW FIBER Tuscaloosa AL
West Alabama Fiber Guild CC-N1/CC-CN2 FIBER Tuscaloosa AL
West Alabama Quilters Guild CC-S1/CC-S2 FIBER Tuscaloosa Al
Wheat, Jerry J-06 WOOD Wetumpka AL
Wickey, Faith E-30 GLASS Centreville MI
Williams, Ruby A-21 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Plant City FL
Wilson, Jason D-08 CLAY Sumrall MS
Windham, Steve C-31 WOOD Brandon MS
Woodworkers Association of West Alabama E-31 WOOD Tuscaloosa AL
Wooster, Anne H-19 PRINTMAKING Waldoboro ME
Wortman, Emily & David C-29 CLAY Duson LA
Wright, Bernard B-29 TWO-DIMENSIONAL Fayette AL


Yowell, Charlie K-13/K-14 SCULPTURE Dunlap TN


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