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Podcasts 101: "S-Town" Fuels Interest in Podcasting - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Podcasts 101: "S-Town" Fuels Interest in Podcasting Featured

Bibb County is the setting for ‘S-Town’ - a podcast which has been downloaded over 40 million times Bibb County is the setting for ‘S-Town’ - a podcast which has been downloaded over 40 million times Nathan Pearman

“S-Town” has raised many questions in Tuscaloosa, but the one perhaps heard most often is, “What is a ‘podcast’ and why are people all over the world talking about Bibb County in one?”

Podcasts are the new millennium version of a radio show – plus a touch of audio book flavor.   Podcasts do for radio shows what streaming has done for TV shows, offering more niche topics and longer story lines. Topics range from sports to serialized stories to self-health to science to comedy – and everything in-between.

Podcasts can be listened to via your smartphone, computer, or any other internet-connected device.   


“S-Town” is a story of an eccentric man who reaches out to a New York journalist alleging corruption and a covered-up murder in the Bibb County town of Woodstock. It is a classic piece of Southern Gothic storytelling. There may be people you know mentioned in the podcast. The name is pejorative, the characters colorful, and the scrutiny of the town a bit unkind, so there is a touch of resentment in Woodstock about it. However, the production is well done, and the story is gripping. 

To find out more, listen to the podcast. 

Where to Find Podcasts

  • On Spotify: Search for the name of the podcast you want 
  • On iTunes: In the store, under the category “Podcasts”  
  • Google the podcast’s name (like “S-Town”), and listen through the production’s website 
  • Download a podcast app on your phone, like Soundcloud or Stitcher 

Podcasts to Try

  • “Welcome to Night Vale” –  A spooky serial, and one of the top podcasts of the last few years. It’s perfect for the Halloween season.  
  • “Happier” by Gretchen Rubin – Bestselling author Rubin does 20-minute segments (good for a listen while running errands) with her sister, where they discuss tips on how to be happier.    
  • “Nerdist” – Popular with young men; topics range from film and comics to science.

Also, check out iTunes’ “Top 10 Podcasts” and “New and Noteworthy Podcasts” lists on the iTunes app or website. Find new favorites! 

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Hanson Watkins

Ms. Watkins graduated from Mountain Brook High School and lives in Birmingham with her two boys, Jack, and Charlie. She has bachelor's degrees in psychology and creative writing from Emory University, and an MBA and master's in health administration from Georgia State University. 
Hanson spent 10 years working in the healthcare industry in Atlanta before moving back to Birmingham several years ago to work for her father, Jim Watkins. 
She credits her father, who has owned several businesses over the years, for giving her the entrepreneurial spirit. Her brother, Josh Watkins, is a Birmingham lawyer who helped start the Birmingham Angel Network, a venture capital organization. 

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