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Mayor's Minute April 2017: A Message from Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Mayor's Minute April 2017: A Message from Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox

The honor of serving as mayor is earned by your trust, and ultimately your ballot. Across political, racial and socioeconomic lines, the people of Tuscaloosa affirmed with emphasis that we must never stop believing in our great City. The results were humbling to say the least.

When you first trusted me as your mayor, I pledged to build a bridge to the future. Despite being in the shadows of one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression and experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in American history, we never stopped achieving progress across Tuscaloosa. 

However, our work is not done. In the next four years, we have an opportunity to achieve the promise of tomorrow for all. In a few weeks, inauguration will provide an opportunity to present an ambitious agenda that will continue our commitment to: 

- improve education 

- increase public safety 

- reduce poverty 

- build new and better roads 

- cut red tape 

- create new jobs.  


Though we will be asked to do more with less, especially from Montgomery and Washington, we will be relentless. Progress continues to be our legacy and we will lead with the courage of our convictions and while upholding our long-standing covenant of putting people ahead of politics. This covenant, forged in boldness, determination and results, will be the foundation upon which we shape a limitless future.

How I can I be so confident?  Simple: because my hometown is a special place. I have seen your compassion when we met the worst of Mother Nature with the best of humanity. I have experienced your generosity when we started a world-class pre-k initiative. I have reveled in your ingenuity when we passed bipartisan legislation that will invest $200 million in new roads over the next 20 years. 

To every challenge, Tuscaloosa rises! And, over the next fours, we will rise with you.

Mark Twain said, “the two most important days in your life are the day that you were born and the day you found out why.” Serving something greater than myself, serving Tuscaloosa, is my why.  Believing that every child can read by third grade is my why. Believing that government can be accountable, transparent and effective is my why. Believing what is possible, even in our darkest hours, is my why.

With your ballots, you have honored me with a sacred responsibility that I hold dear. You have honored me with my why.

To that end, I pledge to you my heart and soul to keep Tuscaloosa moving forward. From west end to Alberta, from Skyland to north of the river, the people of Tuscaloosa delivered a message that we must keep believing. In the days, months and years ahead, our bridge to the future will continue to stretch beyond the horizon because we believe in Tuscaloosa and we believe that our journey has just begun.

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