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Have You Thanked Your Garbage Collector Lately? - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Have You Thanked Your Garbage Collector Lately?

16 Jun 2015

They do an often thankless job: Picking up after all of us, taking our trash and putting it...well, somewhere. Somewhere that's not our house or our neighborhood. Many of Tuscaloosa's garbage collectors are quick with a smile and a wave as they pass by in early morning, never complaining about working in less-than-ideal conditions (including this current heat wave). Now, the City of Tuscaloosa has designated a special day of thanks for these hardworking members of our community.

Wednesday, June 17 has been designated as Garbage Man Appreciation Day by the City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department. The local day of recognition, as part of a national campaign, will highlight the importance of waste management professionals and offer recognition for their hard work.

“The work sanitation employees do can be very dangerous,” said Shane Daugherty, director of the City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department. “Our employees work in and around traffic, operate heavy machinery and get close to very hazardous material. The dangers are real.”

The focal point of Garbage Man Appreciation Day will be a collection of over 400 “thank you” notes and drawings on display at the Environmental Services Complex throughout the week of June 17. Children who toured the Complex throughout the past month were asked to create these notes and drawings as a way of showing their appreciation for ESD employees.

The City of Tuscaloosa will also feature a social media campaign geared at helping the public recognize and appreciate the work sanitation workers and drivers do every week.

“The work these employees do matters to all of us,” said Ashley Chambers, ESD’s environmental educator. "This industry is often overlooked because most garbage, trash, recycling and litter collection happens when people are still asleep, at work or at school. Without solid waste collection and sanitation workers, Tuscaloosa would look very different.”

Today is a day to take a minute and give these hardworking men and women an extra wave and a "thank you"!

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