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Heads Up: Severe Weather a Possibility this Weekend - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Heads Up: Severe Weather a Possibility this Weekend

Heads Up: Severe Weather a Possibility this Weekend National Weather Service

We’re smack in the middle of winter, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s warm. Very warm. And those of us who know Alabama weather know what that can mean: storms. Unfortunately, it looks like we are in for a couple of rounds of severe weather in the Tuscaloosa area on Saturday and Sunday. Storms could begin making their way into West Alabama in the wee hours on Saturday.

Parts of Tuscaloosa County (including metro Tuscaloosa) are included in an “elevated threat” area by the National Weather Service, with forecasters indicating that the severe weather window is from 3 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Tornadoes, damaging straight line winds (up to 70 mph) and up to golf ball size hail are all possible. In addition, we’re under a “limited threat” Saturday night through Sunday morning, with tornadoes, damaging winds up to 60 mph and quarter size hail all possible.

Now is the time to review your severe weather safety plans, and be sure to check your weather radios. If you need help programming your Midland All Hazards Weather Radio, Northport Fire Rescue has an excellent, detailed post about how to do just that.

Be safe, everyone, and FYI: If you experience a power outage, report it with Alabama Power by calling 1-800-888-2726.

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