Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

It’s happening again. My snow mania. It’s kicking in full force, inspiring me to think grandiose thoughts about sledding, ice skating in the front yard and building an epic snowman – one that inspires the envy of my suburban neighbors far and wide. In my mind, I’m Elsa, whirling about in a real-life snow globe, singing (albeit way off key) about the joys of winter.

My latest Google search: How to Build a Snowman.

Oh, the advice is great. I get the whole idea: Find a nice, flat area. Roll up a little snowball, then pack that with more snow and keep rolling until it’s big enough to form a base. Repeat with two other snowballs, each smaller, then pop those together, decorate and voila!

Seems simple, right?

Except this is the south. I cannot imagine we’ll get enough snow to actually build an epic snowman. A dusting? Yeah, that means walking all over the yard and the neighbor’s yards to gather enough snow to make this work. Meantime, hands are freezing, feet are freezing, noses are freezing. The bloom is off the (frozen) rose.

The last time I tried to build a snowman, this is what I wound up with:


“This is seriously the lamest snowman in the history of snowmen,” said Chico Seymour Hoffman Perrigin. Note the lack of snow in the background – it melted in about six minutes.


Even the dog thought I was nuts. I am proud I managed to scrounge up enough snow to make this monstrosity. And FYI: Do *not* use Red Hots to make a Tiny Southern Snowman’s eyes. The red dye began to run almost immediately, leaving me with what we now lovingly call Dexter Snowman. REDЯUM!

Does anyone have any tips for building a cute, realistically small Southern Snowman? Let’s get this out there now BEFORE the first flakes fall. If they fall. I’ve already gathered up two perfect pine twigs for snowman arms. But what about the eyes and nose? Our Southern Snowmen are far too diminutive for large carrot noses. Red hots=Utterly Terrifying Snowman. Same with M&Ms. Raisins may work, but I never could get them to stick on the snowman’s face. HELP.

I’ve already told you about my strawberry Pop-Tarts snow cravings (and I’m totally re-posting this article soon because Sheena Gregg, you are amazing and give such good advice). Yep, the Pop-Tart/snow craving kicked in on Sunday … just as I began my foray into juicing.

Can I juice a strawberry Pop-Tart? Stay tuned. If you see me at Bed Bath & Beyond trying to bring back a broken juicer in coming days, you’ll know it was a fail.





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