Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is making another campaign stop in Alabama. Trump will hold a rally at the BJCC this Saturday, Nov. 21, at 11 a.m.

Secretary of State John Merrill confirmed Trump’s upcoming visit.

“I am confident that Mr. Trump’s appearance will be welcomed with enthusiasm, just as it was in Mobile,” said Merrill.

The City of Tuscaloosa is doing quite well, according to an analysis by the New York personal finance company SmartAsset, which just released its list of the Top 10 Places Where Poverty is falling the fastest.

Tuscaloosa comes in at number nine on the list – with poverty rates that have “plummeted” since 2005, even as poverty rates nationwide (and particularly in major metropolitan areas) has increased.

It’s the news so many Tuscaloosa residents were waiting for: The Alberta Bridge on University Boulevard East will reopen this week. According to city officials, who Tweeted out the news on Tuesday, the bridge will officially reopen at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5.

While many people use the University Boulevard Bridge daily, thousands use it to get to and from the interstate on football game days. This is particularly good timing: Bama vs. LSU on Saturday, Nov. 7 will be a busy day in T-town as fans arrive for the big game.

According to information from the contractor on the project, the bridge will only be open to vehicular traffic – the sidewalks will remain closed to pedestrian traffic until changes to the bridge’s guardrail are approved and installed.

The Alberta Bridge has been closed since December 2014. Work on the bridge was necessary because of damage after the April 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado. In recent weeks, crews have been busily paving and striping the bridge, getting it ready for traffic once again.

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The City of Tuscaloosa’s floodplain management committee will hold an informal public meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers to discuss the floodplain management plan.

This goal of this meeting is to allow interested citizens, especially those subjected to flooding or living in the floodplain, to provide input on areas that are susceptible to widespread or localized flooding. Committee consultants will bring maps that will have flood prone areas identified and ask citizens to identify any issues or problem areas that have not been addressed. This input will be used in the development of the plan.

Donny Jones, Chief Operating Officer for the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, has been named to the Alabama Workforce Council by Governor Robert Bentley. The council, formed in July 2014, is a blue-ribbon panel of business executives, educators and legislators who advise and support the state board of education, two-year colleges and four-year colleges and universities.

The City of Tuscaloosa has announced that 4th Avenue East will reopen at noon on Friday, Nov. 6. The road has been closed since Aug. 27, a trial temporary closure, at the request of homeowners in the area.

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 5 to 5:45 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers to discuss future options for the road. Since none of the options to be discussed will include the closure of 4th Avenue East, the City has authorized its re-opening.

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