Children are great imitators. They may not always hear what we say but they sure do watch what we do. When children see how parents react to and correct mistakes, they learn valuable life lessons. Children need to know that we learn by making mistakes. As Big Bird says…”everyone makes mistakes; oh yes they do!”

Each week, Community Service Programs of West Alabama brings us helpful information about their programs, and for parents. This week: "What do kids need the most?" Some of the answers might surprise you.

One of the best ways to really understand your child is to get to know his/her world. Hang out with your child. Children are not always good about telling their mom or dad what their worries might be.

You can get in touch with your child’s needs and at the same time nurture a healthy relationship by:

One of the most important gifts a parent can give their children is the gift of good virtue.  A virtue is a positive trait or quality that is morally good.  A virtue is “an excellence” of human character.  Parents that model qualities of good virtue to their children give them a gift of good moral character that can last a lifetime.  Be a good role model to your children.  Demonstrate virtues in your daily life and your children will learn by your positive example.  What gifts of virtue will you pass on to your child?

Morning hassles...nagging, prodding, lost socks, and spilled milk...all as we rush out the door to start our day.  You don’t have to feel rushed and irritated; get in control!  With a little problem solving and advanced planning, morning routines can become just the right start for a great day!

A strong partnership between parents and teachers make for a winning team!  Parents and teachers working together equal a child’s success in school.


As a parent you can strengthen the team by:

Say how much you enjoy reading together

Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Talk about "story time" as the favorite part of your day. Snuggle up close as you read so your child will associate reading with a warm, loving feeling.

Experts believe that reading to your child every day is one of the most important things parents and other adults can do.  Here are ideas for using this reading time to build your young child’s literacy skills while keeping it fun for both of you.

Children establish eating habits as early as two years old!  At Head Start/Early Head Start programs, we partner with families to build healthy eating habits early; one way to do this is to serve meals family-style. Eating family-style meals is a great way to introduce healthy foods, model healthy behaviors and provide opportunities for nutrition education.

What is Family Style Eating?

As part of President Obama’s Early Learning Initiative, the state of Alabama is participating in Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships, which allows Early Head Start programs to partner with local child care centers, serving infants and toddlers from low-income families.

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