Everyone can develop empathy, but it needs to be taught. Parents can model kindness with their own little everyday acts. Help plant the seeds of empathy by...

Bullying is a specific type of aggressive behavior that includes repeated hitting, kicking, and calling of mean names, as well as excluding. If your child is involved in bullying, work with school officials and counselors to stop the behavior. Provide them with the date, time, place, children involved, and specifics of the incidents and their effects.

Sometimes a long illness might give families time to confront the possibility of death. Other times, the death of a loved one comes suddenly, as in the case of an accident or suicide. You’ll want to approach the situation differently depending on the circumstances.

Here are some ways to help kids express and manage their feelings.

Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority’s Center Court Tuscaloosa and The Gateway will host the Boys & Girls Clubs for a Tennis & Tech Day on June 14. CCT will also host an Open House on June 15 and 16. CCT is located at 715 21st Avenue East.

PARA reports the idea for the neighborhood event came together with the completion of Alberta Parkway. The parkway acts as a “main street” and provides ease of access with lighting and landscaping which are important assets to the Alberta neighbors.

A schedule of events on June 14, for Tennis and Tech Day will include youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs to visit Center Court Tuscaloosa and The Gateway.

A local nonprofit that partners with elementary schools is holding its end-of-semester cooking lessons and farm stands. Schoolyard Roots will be in each of their 11 Tuscaloosa-area partner schools over the course of the next two weeks. They will be hosting farm stands with students to sell the produce they’ve grown this year.

When you take time for self care, you are better able to care for your child. Even a few minutes of “you time” can help you to recharge so that you can parent at your best. Stress causes wear and tear on a person, inside and out. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

A catchphrase around Campus Life’s high school programs in Tuscaloosa is “always expect the unexpected.”  It’s intended to build anticipation among students and enthusiasm for what is about to happen next. This may come from a crazy game with a twist. Or perhaps we dive into a topic they are all too familiar with, but we take an approach that makes them look at life, God, or the future with fresh eyes.  

The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama recognized top volunteers for 2018 during its 118th annual celebration, presented on Thursday, February 28, by The University of Alabama at the Bryant Conference Center.

The 2019 Annual Emily Baker Women’s Classic tennis tournament will be held Feb. 20-22 at Center Court Tuscaloosa.

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