Robin Wells

Robin Wells

I have been working for over three decades in marketing, customer service and corporate image consulting. I have been around long enough to have learned important lessons from the greatest leaders (and continue to), while still being able to bring passion, energy and creativity to my work. For my clients, it’s a great blend. My experience and my variety of clients over those thirty years, have made the "getting it done", better than anyone else, my reputation. There is nothing I can't do for my client - whatever it takes. And my team and network of professionals know that only too well - and deliver everytime.

There are many different types of etiquette but doctor’s office etiquette is so important and is not as appreciated as it should be. Are you a considerate patient?

When we visit the doctor, there are many things to consider before you step in the door regarding yours, and especially your child’s, behavior.

You can tell within the first seven seconds of meeting someone how she feels about herself by the expression on her face and the way she moves her body.  Whether she knows it or not, she’s transmitting messages through gestures and actions. (This goes for gentlemen too, of course).


You walk into a room of strangers and from their stance, movements and expressions, you receive messages about their feelings, moods, attitudes and emotions. Look at the teenage girl standing in the corner.  From her slouching shoulders, her lowered head and the way her hands fidget over her stomach, you can tell that this little wallflower is lacking in self-confidence. 

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