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The City of Tuscaloosa has launched a completely redesigned website. The new site went online on Wednesday, Oct. 25. According to city officials, the website is much more than a visual overhaul. It focuses on users and what they need – not on how City Hall is departmentally organized.

I have recently been introduced to an app called "Nextdoor." It’s a private social network for your own neighborhood. A bit intrusive I thought at first, but then I jumped right in. I can pretty much see the dynamics of every family around me – which I guess means they can see me. 

More than 4,400 eighth graders will get a hands-on look at high-paying jobs in West Alabama this week, as Worlds of Work, a one-of-a-kind career expo will be held October 12 and 13 at Shelton State Community College’s Martin Campus. High school students are also invited to attend WOW Varsity with their parents, allowing them to explore career opportunities.

2017: 365 days, gone again. Embrace it! Start again with a fresh, clean calendar and blank days to fill. This year, fill them with things that matter and stretch your horizons. 

Instead of internal resolutions, I am here to encourage you to get outside your box with a little help from technology. 

When the April 27, 2011, tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa, the city vowed to build back stronger, safer and smarter. The newest example of that resolve is The Gateway: Alberta’s Innovation and Discovery Center, which opens its doors to the public this week.

By Shane Dorrill

 “Students, put away your pencils and notebooks so we can start class.”

Those are not the typical words one would expect to hear from a teacher, but through the use of technology those are the sentiments of educators at Paul W. Bryant High School.

“It is critical that our students be prepared to be 21st century learners and leaders,” said Dr. Linda Harper, principal.

By Maddy Ard


The Tuscaloosa Public Library will soon provide a new service allowing visitors to lease wireless, portable internet devices.


The library’s board of trustees recently finalized the details of a contract with Verizon Wireless to provide library-goers with the option to check out hotspot devices. This new service will cost the library approximately $9,600 annually. Kevin Smith, the Tuscaloosa Public Library’s IT Director, said the board of trustees chose Verizon as the vendor of this service because of Verizon’s high speed 3G and 4G LTE services.


“These hotspots will give Tuscaloosa residents the option to take the internet wherever they want it,” Smith said. “It also provides internet access to any individual who many not be able to afford home internet services.”

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