Relias Healthcare Contracts with DCH Health System

07 Sep 2018

Relias Healthcare, headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, has been awarded the opportunity to provide Emergency Medicine Professional Sta ng and Management Services for DCH Health System in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Starting September 1st, Relias will take over the management and physician sta ng of the ED at DCH Regional Medical Center, Northport Medical Center, and Fayette Medical Center.

“We’re excited to be working with Relias Healthcare because they have demonstrated clinical and customer service excellence in Tupelo,” DCH President/CEO Bryan Kindred said. “Relias also shares our view that it’s important that the physicians who work in the emergency department live in the community.”

The DCH Health System operates DCH Regional Medical Center, a 583-bed regional trauma and referral center; and Northport Medical Center, a 204-bed community hospital with inpatient rehabilitation and psychiatric units. Fayette Medical Center, a rural hospital and nursing home, is operated under a long- term lease. Relias will provide Emergency Care to approximately 145,000 patients per year across the DCH Health System.

“Partnering with DCH Health System has been a natural growth opportunity for Relias. We are excited to begin providing the local providers a practice environment that is rooted in the communities that DCH serves,” said Relias CEO Luke West. “We will bring our expertise to the Emergency Medicine department and management to DCH and provide these local providers with the resources and support that they need to treat the patients of DCH Health System.”

Relias currently contracts with North Mississippi Health Services to provide management and sta ng to the largest non-metropolitan hospital in the nation—a 93,000 volume emergency department in Tupelo. Relias Healthcare provides hospitals with administrative and sta ng solutions in various clinical settings.

Relias’s subsidiaries include Relias Emergency Medicine Specialists, Relias Hybrid Medicine Specialists, Relias Sta ng Solutions, Relias Telehealth, and Relias Consulting Solutions.

Relias’s mission is “to improve the health of our communities through practicing the highest quality patient and family centered care with the most e cient means possible while providing the best value to our health system partners.” 

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