Etiquette Manor Shows Manners are About Feeling Comfortable

Dating difficulties?  Sloppy customer service employees? Children with the manual dexterity to master the intricacies of their video games, but only eat with their fingers?

These are all etiquette issues.

Robin Wells is opening a formal program for all types of social skills and etiquette training at the Etiquette Manor in Tuscaloosa starting this weekend. “There are opportunities to learn just from the environment at Etiquette Manor, as well as the small classes.”  

Robin Wells


Wells, trained by both the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Society of Certified Etiquette Trainers, has been featured on HGTV, FoxNews, The Miami Herald and the New York Times, and has a long history of providing social skills and etiquette training to schools, businesses, and individual clients. “I started years ago in Coral Gables, providing the enrichment programs for the private schools such as the Gulliver Academy, Carrollton and Ransom Everglades. The classes were for children 4 years old to 18 years old.”

“My experience as a marketing executive showed me that there was also a need for this type of training in the business world as well,” explained Wells

In 2013, Wells moved to Tuscaloosa with her husband and son. Her husband graduated from the University of Alabama and loved his time here. “There is a respect for good presentation and good manners in Tuscaloosa. It is even evident in the way the football players present themselves with Coach Saban’s development.”

“My premise,” says Wells, “is that good manners and social skills make this a better world in which to live. They enhance communication and encourage kindness and respect among people. You, your young adult, or loved one will forever benefit from the power and grace that good manners bestow.”

Etiquette Manor Alabama begins its programs by teaching the meaning and history of manners and etiquette as practiced in North America. For young adults, the classes use fun and interactive role playing and tools, since, according to Wells, “ understanding why and how manners came to be, students can make independent decisions to use their power, derived from good manners, to affect others for good.” 

For adults, learning what to do and then practicing the skill in a similar environment to a real-life situation in their life implants the lesson best. We design our programs for young adults and corporate classes for adults differently but use the best techniques for each audience so that the lessons stay with our participants, giving them confidence, and power, for a lifetime.

“A big difference between the kind of training I am offering,” says Wells “is that my focus, especially for young adults is the impact that the use of good manners has on other people. I worry less about the rote application of the ‘rules’, although our students will learn the proper ways to conduct themselves, but I care much more about the fundamentals behind etiquette. By that I mean that etiquette is really an expression of a person’s awareness of others and how we behave says a lot about how we regard others. Holding a door or pulling out a chair for someone more senior than oneself says volumes about our respect for the other person, which then says a great deal about us. It makes the person who is kind and thoughtful a much more powerful person, an agent of ‘good’ in the world. It is this understanding that I try to impart to my students. As Dale Carnegie has said, ‘There are four ways in which we contact the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts, which are: what we do, how we look, what we say and how we say it.’ Good etiquette can have a positive effect on each of these four key components of human interaction, and I think that is very powerful.”

Etiquette Manor Alabama is also a corporate and business training tool for organizations to assist their staff (and themselves) in the fine art of presentation. Being able to feel comfortable in any situation, with conversation skills, confidence and an understanding of social skills goes a long way in business, and in getting along. “I realized that there was an opportunity to do something that would be very good for the community and especially for the young adults moving into the work world. I recognized the potential value of offering young adults and adults the opportunity to learn about manners and Etiquette Manor Alabama was born.”

The programs offered by Etiquette Manor Alabama are available as either private and group classes for companies, young adults and adults.

The most popular classes:

Dining in Style

The Grace of Girls

The Perfect Gentleman

Corporate Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette Program

Children’s Etiquette Program

Custom classes and corporate training available

For information regarding scheduling a private session or group class, contact Mrs. Robin Wells at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the training center at 305-469-7822.


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