By Emily English


Well, here we are: It’s March now. Are you still sticking to those resolutions you made back in January? Did you give up fighting the crowds during Fitness Center Tourist Season? By now you’ve likely realized that intentions won’t magically transform into rewarding results. Resolutions are great, but only if they turn into lasting solutions, and there’s plenty of time left in 2015 to conquer goals with vitality, purpose and discipline. Consider applying these principles...

In an effort to promote the positive effects of literacy within various communities in west Alabama, the Literacy Council of West Alabama will host its annual Author’s Edge events on March 6. Events include a meet and greet with a well-known Southern writer, a special reception in Tuscaloosa and more.

A monthly editorial piece of masterful opinionated writing (insert joke here) regarding life and times in the big town of Tuscaloosa coupled with the musings of a guy nicknamed “Oz.”

And though my aching back and blistered feet begged me for respite, the excited children and the unforgiving mouse would not relent. So I did it again, for six days on end, and on the seventh day I recalled for what I had highly paid, and swore I would not soon repeat. -D. Osborn

OK, so it wasn’t that bad. And if you read the previous issue of this wonderful publication, you surely witnessed the end result of this trip: a beautiful group of happy children performing for the masses in Downtown Disney.    

A couple of months have now passed since the trip, and as my rest may have been restored, my feet will likely never be the same. This unsubstantiated, unprofessional listing of dos and dont's is for the folks who feel the need to take the plunge and ride, walk or fly to the “theme park empire” that is Walt Disney World.

Whatever you do before such a serious undertaking, do NOT allow this to be the only piece you read before packing the bags. My word count is limited and there are thousands of other more advisable offerings from better educated mothers and fathers who have taken Mickey’s path of increased resistance to the land of skits and giggles (read it again; it says “skits”). 

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Top Five Rivalries in Sports

By Stan J. Griffin

Although there are certainly many aspects about competitive sports that inspire us to follow them almost religiously sometimes, such as the winning excellence of traditional powers and various dynasties, the excitement of being in a packed stadium, loyalty to a certain athlete or team or the strategies involved in deciding various games, historical and often-heated rivalries only add yet another layer of appeal for the sports fan.

The intensity of some those rivalries, however, have also translated into elements of sports that are not exactly always healthy, and have even proven destructive and deadly at times.

With that being said, the following are my choices for the Top 5 Sports Rivalries, rivalries which have stood the test of time, and are still as relevant and riveting as they always have been in terms of inciting sheer antagonism and sometimes pure hatred.

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Healthy options: Chopped Kale Salad

By Amy Poore

Well, guess what? Spring is almost here - though I'm sure after the recent wintry weather it's hard to believe it. But look at the calendar - see? It IS going to happen, and that means now is the time to start thinking about swimsuit season. That means, of course, that healthy recipes are in order.

It’s tough to keep up a healthy eating regimen, but it’s much easier if you have recipes that are also really, really good. Honestly, up until this past year, I haven’t found many recipes that were both healthy and delicious. But I did find a few, and I’m sharing one with you this month! This chopped kale salad is satisfying and nutritious.

Bon appétit!

The Actor’s Charitable Theatre (“The ACT”) will present Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” beginning on Friday, February 27 and running through March 2 at the historic Bama Theatre. Director Joey Lay said that the musical is fun, but dark, warning people to “be careful what they wish for, because they just might get it.”


One of Sondheim’s most popular works, the powerhouse Broadway musical “Into the Woods” brings together the classic fairytale characters from The Brothers Grimm stories.

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Best Museums to Check Out in Alabama

By Amber Bara


1. United States Space and Rocket Center – Huntsville, Alabama


Whether you would like to experience the Mars Climbing Wall or to try out the G-Force Accelerator, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center will be a fun time. The Center is one of Alabama’s most famous museums as science and space-lovers alike travel from around the world to visit. The Center also serves as NASA’s Visitor Center.


It offers day camps where trainees choose from three distinct camp options: Space, Aviation or Robotics. Each camp offers a variety of learning opportunities that children can apply to their future goals and love of science.


On Saturday, March 14, the Center will celebrate Albert Einstein’s Birthday and Pi Day.

Happy “snow day,” DCL readers! At this point, it’s more like happy “cold rain day” but hey, lots of you are off work and out of school, so hopefully you’re enjoying the time off. Apparently it may actually snow a bit in our area, later today and possibly tonight. Let’s post some pictures! Feel free to post your favorite snow day photos here – certainly from today, but also of all time.

Feel free to post your winter weather photos here on Facebook or on our Instagram @druidcityliving. Let’s have some fun with this, because before we know it, it’ll be 100 degrees in July and all of this will be forgotten.

Okay I’ll start. Y’all know I love my pets, so here is my dog, Chico Seymour Hoffman, with what I still maintain is the world’s most pitiful looking snowman. We got a teensy amount of snow that year, so I decided to build an ant-sized snowman and couldn’t find anything to use for his eyes. Went with red hots – and the result was kind of creepy. Chico seemed to like it though.

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Bass fishing growing in high school ranks

Members of the Northridge High School Bass Team include (Front row, L to R): Daniel Allen, Jack Diaz, Drake Cross, Sam Falls and Payton Woolley and (Back row, L to R): Mike Smith, North Patterson, Austin Smith, Parker Green, Parker Stroud, Scott Monk, Cameron Lake and Joe Woolley.

By Stan J. Griffin

In certain pockets of the country, bass fishing is not only a popular sport, or an alternative to traditional sports such as football and baseball - it’s an addiction. For many, it’s something they’ve grown up in and around for most of their lives.

Bass fishing is experiencing a significant surge in even more places nationwide, including right here in West Alabama.

Last year’s Brunch for Boobs drew a crowd of nearly 600.

The Soroptimist International of Tuscaloosa’s annual fundraiser, “Brunch for Boobs,” is planned for Saturday, February 28, at the Bryant Conference Center. This marks the 40th anniversary for the event, which helps to raise money toward projects focused on women and girls in the community.

The Brunch for Boobs event began in the mid-1970s, and it’s grown larger with each passing year. Last year’s event drew nearly 600 people and raised tens of thousands of dollars.

“I love this event and am proud to be a part of it,” said Soroptimist International of Tuscaloosa member Kacie Obradovich. “At the end of the day it is not about a great time and great food. It is about bringing a community of individuals and business together to make a real change in the lives around us.”