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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Dr. Rachel Steiner, DC McCracken Family Chiropractic


The holiday season consists of nearly two months of celebrating with goodies appearing in homes and offices before Thanksgiving and continuing through the beginning of January. Let's face it, these goodies rarely lack calories, and they magically pop up on the table at just that perfect moment. So what can we do this holiday season to not be a Grinch by saying no to all holiday food, but instead enjoy and embrace this wonderful time in moderation? Here are a few tips to keep our hearts cheery and our waistlines happy.

By Kathy Perkins


Verner's Trick or Treat for UNICEF campaign was the most successful one yet, raising over $3000 for the United Nations Children's Fund. Our 5th graders served as UNICEF "ambassadors" throughout the school, encouraging younger students to participate and working as leaders in the fundraising campaign for clean water, food, school supplies, and basic health care.  


Fifth graders sold hot chocolate before and after school for two weeks, held a car and dog wash, and brought in books for a used book sale to benefit UNICEF. Students in grades K-5 collected donations, made and sold crafts, and did chores to earn money to exceed last year's $1500 donation. Some students even took action in their own neighborhoods, creating lemonade stands or selling crafts to help children in need. We are extremely proud of our students' work in this service learning project.

By Derek Osborn

Disclaimer: I am blessed and lucky enough to live on a very good street with lots of great people who look out for each others' health and property, and I am forever grateful for them. This letter is not necessarily aimed at them. This could be any neighborhood anywhere, really. So enjoy. And Merry Christmas.

Dear Neighbor,


It has come to my attention that there is quite a rush for Christmas to come this year and not because of the typical reasons surrounding the excitement. As a matter of fact, it seems that this rush has been put in place for quite some time now.

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Local tennis players win state tournament

Team members (L to R): Clete Browder (captain), Raphael Rodrigues, Thomas Gore, Mark Gatewood, Josh Faught, and Rob Dunn

The team from Tuscaloosa won the USTA 9.5 Men's State Tennis Tournament held in Gulf Shores Nov. 7-9. Tuscaloosa went undefeated in matches, and did not lose a court. This marks the third year in a row that the Tuscaloosa team has won the state tournament. The team will now compete at the Southern Combo Tournament in March against other Southern states.

Photo: Clete Browder

On Tuesday, November 18, the Community Foundation of West Alabama joined more than 700 community foundations across America to celebrate National Philanthropy Day. The occasion was celebrated with a reception at Harrison Galleries in Tuscaloosa. 

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Have a very crafty Christmas

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By Allison Adams


My nine year old daughter has recently been on her iPad at night. As a concerned parent, I had to find out what the recent interest was. To my surprise, while perusing her notebook (yes, I snoop. And with teens and proof that there are many reasons why you should snoop, I condone and encourage it), I had an eye-opening moment.

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Tuscaloosa VA to hold veterans town hall meeting

The Tuscaloosa Veterans Affairs Medical Center has announced plans to hold a quarterly Veterans Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December 18, at 6 p.m., in the Sports Atrium of Bldg. 137. All veterans, along with their family members and caregivers are invited to attend.

The purpose of the town hall meetings are to serve as an avenue where veterans can discuss their health care needs and for medical center leadership to get valuable feedback regarding the satisfaction of veterans with their overall experience with the medical center.

Veterans may submit questions or topics they want addressed prior to the meeting to Damon Stevenson at For more information, call Damon Stevenson at (205) 554-3828.

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Mommy Chronicles: The Smart Mom’s Gift Guide

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By Marlena Rice


Awesome Intentions? Check. Christmas list? Check. Christmas list written in a notebook, my smartphone, and posted to my refrigerator? Double check! A feeling of completion because I have physically stepped into a store and bought something on my list? Hmm…. This is the point where my eyes glaze over and in my mind I begin singing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow....” That is, until I look up and realize I have a full house on Christmas Eve!


Here are some tips that might help lessen the stress of holiday gift giving.

A recent University of Alabama study suggests that exposure to a school garden and DCGP’s curriculum help students make healthier choices and achieve academic success.


Dr. Caroline Boxmeyer, head of the study and professor in the College of Community Health Sciences, obtained results additionally demonstrating that these programs increase students’ interest in learning. The study also found trends in improved reading scores, physical health (measured by body mass index), and a willingness to try or eat a range of vegetables.

By Candice Morris

Toys for Tots

For nearly 70 years, Toys for Tots has been collecting toys and distributing them to children throughout the country. Last year, 740 campaigns were conducted across the country, resulting in the distribution of over 16 million toys.